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At amrta’s Mangal Smruti, true luxury is a sum of many such remarkable elements stitched together in Grand Style. Indulge in a healthy lifestyle where you open your eyes to mornings of fresh air, with a walk with nature and end your day with the comfort of family and friends. Live a care free, relaxed life of comfort and ease that could only come when you’re aware that your loved ones are secure and well protected. To experience this dream-life in reality you have to be here with us to experience the difference. Every apartment is a work of architectural excellence, designed to capture and preserve the glorious natural ambience of the surroundings.
A smallest of things plays an important role in life when it comes to Home. Each smaller piece assembled together makes a home of your choice, and internal, external amenities also reflect the extent of Luxury and Lifestyle. Here we have designed amenities meticulously which would reflect the perfect picture of your own dream home and at the same time provide you the space to explore and discover new dimensions in life. At amrta’s Mangal Smruti you would be spoilt for choices. The spacious 3 BHK’s are luxuriously and meticulously designed flats with state-of-the-art amenities, thereby ensuring you, living a comfort and peaceful life and at the same time elevating you from your current lifestyle.
A Grand and Bold statement is made and the Tone and Spaces at amrta’s Mangal Smruti, is high at the Entrance. Embellished with Luxury, Impressive in its spread and rise. Muted in its decor, the gate and Entrance to amrta’s Mangal Smruti attracts a second look effortlessly of the passerby. Success is understood by those who have tasted it and we at Amrta Realty know it and speak it fluently. That’s why each apartment is allocated with ample parking spaces, for residents to enable parking of 3 cars. Also there is Valet Parking available for the residents who can get out and get in, to their cars right at the entrance of their lobby.
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